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Shelly Johnston is a Sydney based Naturopathic Nutritionist who runs a clinic called Inner Strength Nutrition.

Shelly is very passionate about helping others to reach their full health potential through eating fresh, healthy and delicious foods. Most clients come to a consultation (click here to book) to learn how to eat for a particular health condition or because they would like to learn how to feed their families an optimal diet to maximize their family members’ health, or for Sports Nutrition advice.

Sports Nutrition became particularly of interest to Shelly after completing further studies in Sports Nutrition for Optimal Exercise Performance with Beck Health.  She has many professional sports people on her books, as well as health focused individuals who are interested in maximising their sports performance for Fun Runs, Charity Events and other sports related events such as Ironman events, Marathons and Triathlons.

Shelly enjoys giving talks on Sports Nutrition to swimming squads around Sydney for the Can Too organization, which raises money for cancer research through sporting events and training. She has also lectured at several Sydney gymnasiums and for local exercise physiologists.

Shelly assists a wide range of clients with their diets, including elite athletes suffering fatigue, professional sports athletes, actors or models needing to make a specific goal weight for a dead line, and also exhausted new mums who often develop extreme tiredness. Stress and anxiety  can also be reduced with diet by removing foods from the diet that can increase these feelings, and introducing healing and calming foods which produce chemicals that will help to relax and calm the mind and body.

Shelly is currently writing a book on Nutrition in Pregnancy.

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Conditions that people frequently see Shelly

  • Weight loss: For brides, actors, models, professional athletes, and others who have a specific weight deadline, those with obesity related illnesses or those who wish to lose a few kilos for a holiday or the beach season.
  • Digestive issues: Constipation, excessive flatulence, excessive burping, reflux, and general stomach problems
  • Stress and General or chronic fatigue: Feeling a bit down and tired or not quite yourself, your diet plays a big roll in that
  • Lowering cholesterol and improving cholesterol ratios through diet and the use of natural supplements.
  • Mothers and Parents: from pre-conecption and pregnancy and breastfeeding mums and those wanting to know how to make their own baby foods and how to feed toddlers through to Nutrition for Children
  • Skin allergies: eczema, dry skin conditions and dermatitis and general food intolerances
  • Inflammation disorders: reducing the pain of arthritis and other inflammatory disorders by following an anti-inflammatory diet and in addition taking supplements to reduce pain and inflammation.

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