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What to Expect

The first consultation takes approximately 90 minutes and includes questions about your health history and current state of health. The questions mostly relate to your body systems and relate to how your diet may be affecting different areas of your body, e.g. your digestive system, or your sleep. If you have any recent blood tests available, it is advised to bring a copy to this consultation.

By the end of the consultation you will be given your new Nutrition Programme on the day (or it will be forwarded to you by email), which has been personally tailored for you to address your current dietary issues and enable you to reach your health goals.  This may include taking home a diet diary for some people, and occasionally may include some vitamin or mineral supplements.  Click here to book a consultation.

Online Consultations

If you live interstate or quite a distance from the clinic at South Coogee, or if you are simply very busy and currently time-poor, you can always book an on-line consultation.  You can email all your information by filling out an on-line consultation form and your new diet programme can be emailed to you. Book a Consultation here

Pantry Clean out

This is an education as well as a good way to start your new health programme. If you are confused about what’s good for your health and what is not, and you would like a clean start on eating well but you don’t know where to start – book a pantry clean out today!  Shelly will come to your home and spend 2 hours going through your pantry and help you to identify and remove foods in your cupboards that are negatively affecting your health. Book online now

Shopping for Health

Confused by food labelling? Don’t know which yoghurt contains live bacteria or which particular bacteria are for your specific digestive complaint? Which grains/breads can you eat if you have celiac disease?  Do you suffer food allergies or intolerances?  This is a good way to learn exactly which foods you should look for  to simplify your future food shopping.  An education in exactly which foods in your supermarket are healthy for you and your family.  Shelly spends 2 hours in a local supermarket teaching you what to buy and what to avoid. Click here to book.


Health fund rebates are available

Initial consultations (1 ½ hours) = $120
Follow-up consultations (30 mins) = $75

Initial consultations for couples (2 hours) = $160
Follow-up consultations for couples (1 hour) = $90

On-line initial consultations = $110
On-line follow up consultations = $65


Shelly covers all areas of nutrition including Fatigue, Digestive Disorders including IBS, reflux, constipation, excessive flatulence, Weight Loss, Food Allergies and Intolerances, Sports Nutrition for athletes and active people, Pregnancy and pre-conception Nutrition, Stress and Anxiety exacerbated by incorrect eating.

Shelly can also come to your home or workplace and deliver a 1.5 hour talk on Nutrition which covers a specific area e.g. Anti-ageing and Beautiful Skin and Nutrition, Detoxing for Wellness or Weight Loss.


Shelly runs a workshops each month.  These are a good way to educate yourself in particular areas of interest in Nutrition.  These workshops are small so that you attain a good understanding of the topic and you get time to ask questions at the end.  Each nutrition workshop runs for 2 hours and will normally be run on a Tuesday night or a weekend.  Topics covered include Weight Loss, Detoxing and Cleanses and Beautiful Skin and Anti-aging with Nutrition.

Corporate Health and Lectures can also be booked.  Each lectures runs for approximately 1.5 hours.