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If you have constantly low energy levels for over a week, this should be investigated.  An improvement in diet can dramatically increase your energy levels. More Information

Weight Loss

You can have an individualized and simple to follow diet plan designed just for you and your lifestyle.  Or, come to one of our 2 hour workshops on Weight Loss. More Information

Sports Nutrition

Have an eating plan designed around your particular training programme, or alternatively, book into one of our 2 hour Sports Nutrition Workshops. More Information

Nutrition for Children

Learn what should really be put in your children’s lunch boxes each day and what they need to stay calm, focused and healthy through correct nutrition. You might also like to design a workshop for a group of Mums, which you can attend at the clinic here or in the privacy of your own home or at your local playgroup. More Information

Cardiovascular Health

Learn how to protect your heart and arteries by eating the correct foods and also, avoiding foods that will clog your arteries. Educate yourself about trans fats versus good fats and how to follow a preventative diet that will help you and your family live a healthier and longer life. More Information

Digestive Disorders

Are you suffering in silence with constipation, alternating constipation and diarrhoea or just ongoing stomach pain? Do you think you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  This is definitely not something to ignore and can often be treated successfully with correct diet. More Information

Pregnancy and Pre-conception Nutrition

Diet is the best way to care for your baby’s health but importantly, to care for your own health as well.  It’s important to get the correct ratios of macro and micronutrients at this important stage of your life.

If you are having trouble falling pregnant, a healthy and nutritious diet can optimize your health and in doing so, improve your chances of conceiving. Couples diets can be designed in the one consultation. More Information

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Chronic sinus, cramping stomach pain, fatigue, rashes, hives and eczema, can all be due to intolerances to particular foods.  Sometimes, it can even be due to natural chemicals in healthy foods.  If you have ongoing and irritating symptoms such as these, it’s worth having your diet analysed.  You could leave all those symptoms behind and feel re-energized. More Information

Detoxing and Cleanses

Safety is the number 1 rule with an effective detox.  The longer you are on a detox programme, the better you should look and feel.  Learn how to cleanse your system and benefit from glowing skin and strong and even energy levels. More Information

Pain and Anti-inflammatory Diet

Chronic pain is difficult to deal with.  Particular foods (even ones that seem like healthy foods), can aggravate and increase pain, whilst other foods contain chemicals that reduce inflammation in the body. So if you suffer from ongoing back or neck pain, or a disease such as arthritis, learn how an anti-inflammatory diet can reduce your pain levels more and more over time. More Information

Corporate Health and Lectures

Shelly enjoys giving nutrition talks to sporting groups and also corporate lectures, particular in the legal and financial fields where employees work very long hours.

Employees can benefit greatly through learning how to improve their general health and energy levels through an improved diet – and in turn this means higher productivity levels and reduced sick days for the employer. More Information

On-site Seminars

Whether you are a sporting group, a pre-school, or a group of ladies interested in general nutrition for your family, or with a particular area such as weight loss or anti-ageing, Shelly will travel to your venue and give a talk on your particular nutrition focus. More Information

Stress and Anxiety

Simple carbohydrates, sugary food products, alcohol, soft drinks and even too many fruit drinks can have a detrimental effect on our stress levels.  Learn how to regulate your blood sugar levels successfully by eating protein and fats in the correct ratios to calm your central nervous system and benefit from lower stress levels. More Information

Sleep Problems

Are you having trouble getting to sleep at night?  Or, do you get to sleep easily but wake often in the night? Sleep problems can be due to eating the wrong foods and drinking the wrong drinks.  Change your diet and improve your sleep and benefit in turn by enjoying higher energy levels during the day. More Information

Stablilising Blood Sugar Levels & Adrenal Fatiguel Fatigue

Chronic tiredness can be due to spiking and falling blood sugar levels.  This can be caused by a poor diet and addictions to sugar and sugary products, or simply not eating enough protein with the correct healthy fats.  Learn how to be calmer through eating a nutritious and healthy diet. More Information

Anti-Ageing & Anti-oxidant Programme

Learn how to slow down the ageing process by eating nutrition super foods which are high in anti-oxidants and necessary vitamins to benefit the skin.  Protecting your bones, arteries and joints through correct nutrition is important in slowing down the body’s naturally ageing process.  Slowing down the ageing process is all about supply your body with the correct nutrients. More Information

The above list is just a sample of conditions where clients would find they need a nutritionist. However there are many other conditions such as reflux, diabetes type 2, under active thyroid, coeliacs disease, colitis, diverticulitis, skin rashes and eczema just to name a few, that can be affected by a change in diet.

So please contact me by phone or email to ask if your current health condition can be improved through a change in diet.