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Anti-Ageing & Anti-oxidant Programme

Free radicals are produced in the body by normal metabolic processes. However, free radicals bump into tissues and body cells causing damage. The most effective way of neutralising free radicals is to have a regular diet high in antioxidants.

This helps your health by

  • Lowering damage to cells and body tissues
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack and disease
  • Slows down the ageing process
  • Slows down the signs of aging resulting in glowing skin and the appearance of less lines in the skin by supplying the correct fats, oil and antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements

Boosting the Immune System

Nutrition_Specialties_Anti_agingEating the correct foods and supplements for your particular body and lifestyle can assist in boosting the immune system, by supplying all the nutrients necessary to keep it functioning optimally.

80% of the immune system lies within the gut. Failure to address these imbalances can result in stomach cramps, symptoms of irritable bowel syndromeheadaches , cravings for sugary foods, cravings for refined carbohydrates as well as lack of energy. The role of a Nutritionist includes guidance and education in maintaining balanced intestinal flora for an optimally functioning mind and body.

Boosting the Body’s Detoxifying Process

The body naturally detoxifies if you feed it the correct nutrients and leave out harmful foods or food products, drinks or other additives that interfere with it’s natural ability to detoxify. Because each individual responds differently to many foods, this is different for each person. Not everyone is intolerant to wheat or gluten, but some people are and the same goes for dairy, preservatives and additives like MSG, or even naturally occurring chemicals such as salicylates or amines. Some people benefit greatly by ingesting sulphur containing foods to assist in detoxification, yet other people cannot tolerate them.

This is why an individual diet programme is so important.

Learn which foods, herbs and supplements assist your own body in detoxification, and which foods and drinks interfere with this delicate balance.

This is how wellness, vitality and energy are restored. It’s a different programme for every individual.