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Sports Nutrition

The focus here is building health through strength and endurance.

Nutrition_Specialties_Sports_NutritionAthletes, dancers, and extreme sports lovers can place considerable stress on the body with intense training and performance. This can negatively affect the immune system and energy levels resulting in sickness and fatigue if the diet is incorrect.

A diet that incorporates the amount and level of training and event performance levels, will ensure that the body is receiving the nutrients it requires to perform optimally.

Electrolyte balance and adequate hydration are extremely important in sports nutrition, and failure to address even the slightest dehydration will result in significantly reduced performance levels.

Here at Inner Strength Nutrition, the focus is on maintaining optimal electrolyte balance, education on optimal diet plans to maintain glycogen storage levels, but also to reduce any gastrointestinal disturbance during performance and to maximise energy levels.

The correct nutrition and sometimes additional supplements will help you avoid fatigue, and keep the immune system working at optimal levels. Sports nutrition plans also aim at preventing chronic inflammation around joint and muscle injuries by supplying anti-inflammatory foods and supplements.