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  • I found Shelly to be extremely thorough and insightful in her assessment of me. Her treatment plan worked like a charm and I have a renewed energy. I would highly recommend a visit to Shelly!
    ~ D Downes - Artarmon (2011)
  • Coutts JJ & Me nice photo (Cricketer with Cricket NSW) Fast BowlerI was feeling pretty fatigued all the time from all the training before and after school, as well as having to cope with my school work.  I had a consultation with Shelly at Inner Strength Nutrition, and she explained that I wasn’t eating the right carbohydrates, and was also not having enough electrolytes.  Once I changed my diet and started hydrating, and rehydrating correctly, my energy levels were totally restored.  Well worth the consultations for my long term renewed energy.
    ~ JJ Coutts – Cricketter with NSW Cricket
  • I went to see Shelly in 2012, at Inner Strength Nutrition as I was dealing with alot of bloating after eating and I had chronic sinusitis that had annoyed me for years.  I was using alot of nasal sprays prescribed by my GP to keep it under control. Through completing a diet diary over a couple of weeks, Shelly suggested I was intolerant to wheat, and after cutting bread and other wheat products out of my diet, not only did the bloating completely disappear, so did the chronic sinusitis.  I also lost 5kg in weight which I have kept off.  I am really happy with the outcome of my consultation with Shelly.  I then sent my son to see her
    ~ Janine Coutts - Retail Manager, Coogee
  • I saw Shelly about 12 months ago regarding digestion problems in particular bloating of the abdomen. In the past I have seen several health professionals regarding my digestive issues, all of which had completely different theories and all wanted to make severe changes to my diet (which were completely unsustainable). Shelly was able to make a few changes to my diet and the results were seen almost instantly! Shelley supplied me with an eating plan and recommended I purchase some natural, over-the-counter remedies all of which were tasty and affordable.  I no longer have issues with my digestion and as an indirect result, have lost a few kilos.  Thank you Shelley- I now have a flat stomach!
    ~ J. Waller, Coogee - Financial Planner (March, 2013)
  • In professional boxing it’s so vitally important to get your weight exactly right. You can’t take any risks in getting it wrong. I was having trouble losing the weight and my energy levels were badly affected using the diet I was on myself.    So, I consulted Shelly at Inner Strength Nutrition.  After just one session and following the new diet plan she designed especially for my body type and training, my energy levels soared and the weight fell off and in addition, I was able to preserve my muscle for strength.
    ~ Steve Lovett – Professional Boxer (Record 6/0 5 by KO)
  • I was troubled by spasms in the hands and the muscles in my legs had suddenly become quite weak in the legs.  I visited Shelly at Inner Strength Nutrition and she referred me to a GP who was able to do the tests under Medicare and he diagnosed my very low Vitamin D levels.  I work long hours and I don’t get time to get out in the sun much. I also suffered quite a bit of pain in the hands due to osteoarthritis. After 3 consultations with Shelly and a course of Vitamin D, I was feeling great. I no longer experienced spasms in my hands, and the strength in my leg muscles returned.  I have a lot less pain with the supplements she gives me, and in addition I now follow an anti-inflammatory based diet. I see Shelly about once every 6 weeks to keep my pain under control and to gradually optimise my diet.
    ~ Rita Miller – Music Teacher, Sydney