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Workshops are ideal for people who want to gain a great deal of knowledge in a short amount of time.  They are also excellent for people who have a specific goal in mind for example learning about Sports Nutrition if they are extremely active or compete in fun runs and other sporting events.

Workshops in Weight Loss are designed for people who just want a programme to follow and are very self motivated, and do not require one on one consultations.  Shelly’s weight loss programmes do not require calorie counting and have simple, easy-to-follow rules.  This programme is packed with nutrition but is very affordable to follow. And, the average participant loses .5kg to 1.5 kg a week, depending on whether they exercise as well.

Workshops in gaining a healthy glowing skin through nutrition are very popular, as are the Detox and Cleansing workshops, which teach people how to detox safely.  This means that you won’t feel tired and washed out whilst detoxing – you will actually feel energized, happy and calm as well as glowing with health at completion.

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