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Host a Workshop

good small workshop pic at tableBusy all the time but you want to learn how to have more energy and vitality through nutrition in a relaxed environment with your friends? I come to you! You get to choose a date and time that suits you and your friends, clients or colleagues.

Clients have approached me over the years and asked me to do a 2 hour talk at their home or business, particularly for a group of friends training or interested in losing weight together, or a group of mothers who just want to know exactly what to feed their families or just for themselves for ultimate health.

Correct nutrition is a major part of our health and so whether you are feeding a family, training for an event or just wanting to lose a few kilos with your friends, this is a great and fun way to do it. Suits busy mothers, who would like a night off to learn about an aspect of nutrition that they are interested in, or groups of people training for a sporting event together.

Corporate Workshops

Workshops on health, held in the workplace, are a fun way to learn about nutrition. They also help to create a healthy bond between your employees. Eating the right foods at the right time can benefit an employee in many ways.  Increased and even energy levels throughout the day, improved concentration and focus, a more positive and even calm mood, reduced stress and anxiety levels and a boost for the immune system. The list goes on.  Learn how to balance blood sugar levels, and boost the body with power, and at the same time achieve that super healthy glow that comes from eating correctly.

This is a benefit for your employees health, as well as gaining long term benefits to the business by increasing productivity levels and reducing the likelihood of illness amongst your employees.

If you would like any of these workshops run in your home, or in your office (suits beauty consultants for skin workshop, or gyms/Personal Trainers for Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss Workshops and more). Please email or call to discuss the Workshop you would like to have, and I will call you back and arrange a time that suits you.