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Types of Workshops

Welcome to our workshop page, workshops are a fun way of learning about nutrition in a casual environment.

You can attend a workshop in our clinic. These are run on weeknights and on the weekends. There are also workshops available on weekdays. Such as “Nutrition for Bub” or “Nutrition for Toddlers”. You can request for a workshop to be run at your home, or at your workplace, or even at another event, such as a function connected to health and beauty or sporting events. Rates will be arranged according to how many people that will be at your function.

To book a workshop, just click next to “TO BOOK” on the workshop of your choice and choose your preferred date. An email will be sent to you confirming your reservation.

Alternatively, call Shelly on 0416 070 940 or send an email detailing the type of workshop you would like to arrange for your friends or work colleagues.

Nutrition related corporate workshops on can be run at your workplace. Just call or email Shelly and explain what type of workshop you would like to arrange and it can be tailored to your needs. A price will be quoted depending on the number of people attending your function. This is a fun way for people to learn about the benefits of nutrition and the positive effects on productivity in the workplace.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition_Specialties_Sports_Nutrition A 2 hour workshop designed for those competing in Fun Runs, Charity Sporting Events, Half Marathons, Ironman events and any sports related training where nutrition can improve performance and prevent fatigue.

Nutrition combined with training will get you across the line in the very best time”, that’s the quotation from Inner Strength Nutrition client Sasha Khoma, who completed his first Ironman Event in Busselton, W.A., in December, 2012 in 3 hours and 11 seconds.

This workshop explains how the body uses different fuels for low and high intensity exercise and training. The importance of hydration. How eating the right foods can result in minimizing muscle loss, maximise energy storage levels, reduce fatigue, and allow for the fastest recovery.

Eating for Weight Loss

Nutrition_Specialties_Weight_LossThis 2 hour workshop is designed for those who want to lose weight solo, and don’t want to go to weekly meetings. It covers everything you need to know to embark on your own very healthy weight loss programme.

This workshop includes working on developing healthy eating strategies, as well as focusing on the foods that are nutrient rich, and so will reduce hunger and promote maximum weight . We will discuss the importance of a food diary and aps and websites that are free to use where you can track your progress.

Definitely an education you will have for life.

Safe and Effective Detox and Cleansing

workshops and retreats in detoxing nutrition august 2013This 2 hour workshop is designed for people who would like to learn which foods and drinks will aid the body with its natural detoxification process, and which foods and drinks should be avoided and why. It’s for anyone who is feeling a bit tired and sluggish, or who is having trouble with sallow or dull skin, looking for greater energy levels and the feeling of good health through correct nutrition.

Many detox programmes on the market are dangerous and cause foggy thinking, headaches and extreme fatigue and even nausea or diarrhoea.

This programme is safe and sustainable and the longer you are on it, the better you will feel. Includes recipes and explanation of how certain foods can maximise your energy levels and optimise your mood. A fun afternoon with like minded people.

Anti-ageing and Fabulous Skin with Nutrition

anti ageing courses pic august 2013Premature ageing or just dull, lifeless skin can be caused by several factors associated with nutrition. Some people mistakenly cut out all the good fats in their diet, resulting in premature fine lines and dryness. Other people cut out all the nutrient rich foods that their bodies require to make collagen. It’s also important to supply the body with certain vitamins required for skin tissue repair. The body is an excellent healer if we provide it with the correct ingredients. Come and learn how to do just that!

A fun and informative class for everyone interested in beautiful, healthy, skin and how to stay looking and feeling younger for longer, with the correct foods , drinks and supplements.

Corporate Health Seminars

General - corporate lecture photoInner Strength Nutrition offers seminars to enhance the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Shelly will come to your office or workplace, and give a 1 or 2 hour talk focusing on ways that your staff can improve energy levels, improve immune function and even improve focus and productivity through adding particular foods to the diet, and removing or reducing other foods and drinks.

This is a very popular extra-curricular activity amongst employees and it begins conversations amongst staff with relation to healthy lifestyle options.


Please contact Shelly for further information and for prices. Cost varies depending on the number of employees attending.